How to Buy Cooking Knives

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They say that it is either the fire or the wheel as man’s greatest discovery. But if you love cooking, that is no longer your concern. Regardless if kitchen knives are not recognized as man’s greatest invention or discovery, you will still cherish any of the best chef kitchen knives you have in your kitchen. Ever since human beings have discovered knife as more than a weapon but as kitchen utensil as well, it has evolved into several forms as history moves on. Without a doubt, knives are essential artefact in different periods of time.

Buying kitchen knife sets is not a one-time affair. You might replace older ones with new sets because you believe that you erred in your decision when you bought these kitchen tools the first time around. So, how do you make it right the second time around?

1. There is such a thing as high carbon steel knives on top of stainless steel knife. As ordinary mortals, you are only familiar with the stainless ones when it comes to knives. Knife made of high carbon steel are sharper and last longer than stainless steels. However, it is easy to acquire rust; thus, you really have to clean it well and dry it to avoid being rusted.

2. Purchasing a knife may not be an investment but you should choose those that are very comfortable to use. Among the factors you should consider are:

a. Handles – there are different kinds of knife handles: wood, plastic, rubber, leather and many others. Wood handles have good grip but are not resistant to water. Plastic on the other hand are sturdier than wood but are slippery when wet. Rubber has a cushioning factor and durable at that. Leather handles are only good for hunting knives.

b. Cooking habits – the kind of meal you prepare will always determine the type of knife sets you will buy and all other elements included such as sharpness and handle comfort. If your meal is usually light, like more on vegetables and fruits, then you should choose lighter kitchen knives.

c. Knife Testing – try asking the store clerk if it is alright to inspect the knives and if possible, test the sharpness and weight in order for you to determine how comfortable it is for you to use it with your two hands. Just because it is wrapped already, you cannot ask for testing.

3. Look for warranty – you do not have to act as if you have no other choice when knives you bought lose its sharpness after a few uses. There are certain chef knives and other kinds of knives from different brands that offer lifetime warranties so check on these.

Part of maintaining efficiency of any type of knife is of course to keep them sharp always, whether it is one of the best chef kitchen knives brands or not. There are several suggestions like soaking it in hot and soapy water and drying it thoroughly afterwards, or rubbing cooking oil when slicing through sticky fruits or vegetables, or storing them individually in a divider for example.

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